Drop Off / Pickup

Our surgical suite operates at 3830 Greenhouse Rd, Houston, TX 77084 unless you have been scheduled through a special event.

Drop off Instructions

Arrive between 7:30-8:00am. Late arrivals may be subject to reschedule.

Appointments are scheduled at 3928 Old Spanish Trail Suite A Houston Texas 77021 unless directed otherwise being scheduled through a special event.

Please check in with form sent to phone number on file. Once we receive check in notification a consent form will be sent and must be signed prior to entering the facility.

Once both forms are completed, we will come receive your pet from your vehicle.



Pickup instructions

This spay/neuter service requires owners to be available to pick up pet anytime on day of drop off. This will require you to be ready to pick up within an hour after surgery is done, which you will be notified via text. Pick may be done by any family member or friend. All pickup must be done by 3p, if not owner may be subject to pay $50 boarding fee.

E-collars are necessary for proper healing, they range from $14 and $25 and can be purchased at any pet supply store. If revisions are necessary due to owner non compliance per discharge instructions, you be required to visit Safe Haven Animal Hospital for a revision service which can cost $50 and up.

Upon arrival knock on the mobile unit door. Discharge can take up to 15 mins based on staffing needs and intake of patients. You are always welcome to respond to the text message sent when you arrive.